Conversation with princesstera123 at Sun 24 Oct 2010 08:30:39 PM EDT on SincereWaffle (aim)

(08:30:42 PM) SincereWaffle: hey
(08:30:51 PM) princesstera123: hey :-)
(08:30:53 PM) SincereWaffle: what's up?
(08:31:10 PM) princesstera123: im good how are you?
(08:31:17 PM) SincereWaffle: i'm okay
(08:31:22 PM) SincereWaffle: so whats ur name?
(08:31:36 PM) princesstera123: I'm playing on my cam what are you doing?
(08:31:36 PM) princesstera123: looks like you got my message? whats up with you?
(08:31:50 PM) SincereWaffle: i'm working on a paper
(08:31:58 PM) SincereWaffle: you do anything interesting recently?
(08:32:08 PM) princesstera123: i'm kinda nervous lol will you tell me how i look in my outfit?
(08:32:08 PM) princesstera123: thats cool hun i just started my cam babe would you like to view me on it?
(08:33:06 PM) SincereWaffle: not really
(08:33:16 PM) princesstera123: it's like a little white half tanktop i'm not wearing a bra underneath..
(08:33:28 PM) SincereWaffle: i don't like sleeveless
(08:33:32 PM) SincereWaffle: sleeves turn me on
(08:33:41 PM) princesstera123: and a cute pink skirt with a thong underneath do u think that's sexy enough?
(08:33:42 PM) princesstera123: my nipples r kinda hard and poking out to be honest..
(08:34:09 PM) SincereWaffle: eww
(08:34:13 PM) SincereWaffle: why would you tell me that?
(08:34:22 PM) princesstera123: do you think i should wear a thong?
(08:34:22 PM) princesstera123: lol so hard to decide!
(08:34:38 PM) SincereWaffle: didn't you just say you were already wearing one?
(08:34:47 PM) princesstera123: lol great choice well i want to give you a free courtesy pass to view me on my cam?
(08:35:07 PM) SincereWaffle: no reason for a question mark there
(08:35:17 PM) princesstera123: i want to give it to you k babe?
(08:35:28 PM) SincereWaffle: better, sure thing
(08:35:37 PM) princesstera123: Ok go to and create a free profile
(08:35:53 PM) SincereWaffle: yup
(08:35:57 PM) SincereWaffle: already done
(08:36:07 PM) princesstera123: k you are good for my free trial told you i would hook you up babe! ;-)
(08:36:07 PM) princesstera123: Let me know when you have your username hun
(08:36:48 PM) SincereWaffle: i do
(08:36:54 PM) SincereWaffle: it's krispy
(08:37:04 PM) princesstera123: k lemme know when you got your username so i can invite you to my cam
(08:37:04 PM) princesstera123: promise u gonna give me a good rating okay????
(08:37:10 PM) SincereWaffle: i have it
(08:37:12 PM) SincereWaffle: invite me
(08:37:15 PM) SincereWaffle: nauuuuu!
(08:37:24 PM) princesstera123: ok on the mainpage click on accept invite in green. k when u login click LIVEWEBCAMS on the top left and scroll down. Find the search and type in (princesstera) click it to start our private cam chat.
(08:37:25 PM) princesstera123: k did you get everything filled out?
(08:37:25 PM) princesstera123: babe promise me youll give me a good rating after the show okay u r the best ;-)
(08:37:45 PM) SincereWaffle: okay
(08:37:49 PM) SincereWaffle: i'm done with you
(08:37:55 PM) SincereWaffle: you don't really care about my feelings
(08:37:58 PM) princesstera123: dont forget to give me a high rating! mwah
(08:37:58 PM) princesstera123: so just talk to me in the cam chat babe
(08:38:10 PM) SincereWaffle: righty o!