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The Legend of Cadfaël: Chapter III

Measures 13-16 of Gran Vals by Francisco Tárrega echoed through the Forest Hill cemetery. Adusa stepped on the button that resembled a little green telephone receiver and muttered some form of greeting. The earpiece came to life and the sound of Cadfaël articulating wildly could be heard.

“Slow down!” Adusa shouted.

“Yo, man, they won’t let me buy train fare!”

“You mean the humans? That’s easy, just use a dispenser.”

“Nah, ya see, the problem is that I don’t have any money…”

“Well of course they will not let you buy one,” Adusa pointed out.

“Yeah, so what’m I gonna do? Steal one?”

“You could try earning some money. Right?”

“How the hell’m I gonna do dat? Oh shiz! I’m running out of quarters.”


“I’m on a payphone, they would sell me a cellph-” Adusa heard a pop and then his phone started to ring again. He pushed the answer button again.

“You have a collect call from… ‘Cadfaël, yo.’ To accept the charges, press-” Adusa pressed the button to end the call.

Cadfaël was a little miffed when he found out that his call had been rejected. He had planned on bothering Adusa with his problems for a while longer. That way he could put off the inevitable search for employment. Now he had no choice but to go find a job, so he inched to the edge of the payphone and, with one hop, made his descent. The problem he faced now was how to find a job that a physically limited individual such as himself could perform. Two hours later, Cadfaël found himself hopping out of the Fredonia Employment Agency, with a plan.

A fortnight passed, and Adusa was getting worried. He hadn’t heard from Cadfaël since the phone call he had refused. He decided to go inquire around Fredonia whether he had been seen. What he found didn’t surprise him that much.

To be continued.