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Why I Love the Library.

A Thematic Essay by Christian Picon (written in 2006)

The library is so great, especially the librarian Ms. Molloy. I love Ms. Molloy, she’s the best librarian ever, really. When I grow up I want to a librarian just like Ms. Molloy. If a child is playing games on the computer, the Molloyster will catch him/her. I also like muffins, muffins and Molloy both start with “M” which makes “M” my favorite letter.

Another good part of the library is the books, there are so many books, I don’t know whether to start at Apples and the Meaning of Life and work my way down or start at Zebras, Stripes and More and work my way up. My favorite book in the library is I Am Jackie Chan – My Life in Action, by Jackie Chan, it amazes me how this Asian stunt dude could write such a such a literate work of art.

The second-best part of the library is the computers, they are ultra-modern and have more powerful cell processors than the Playstation 3. When I use a library computer I never play games, I always do serious work. When I’m not working on my novel, The Amazing World of Christian Picon, I write complicated theses on cell theory.

I usually go to the library after eating lunch. For lunch today I had a bologna sandwich on frumentaceous bread. I sat down at a table and started to eat, then a kid came and sat down with me and said, “Why do you have [bologna]? I have peanut-butter and jelly.”